Step By Step Reflection Guide & Templates down to $15..

Are you tired of being told you NEED to be reflecting in your role as an educator and able to show evidence but not being shown HOW to do this in a way you understand?

I created this journal as a solution to that frustrating feeling as now you can use it too.

Critical Reflection doesn't need to be difficult and with this step by step process you'll be reflecting confidently in no time!

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This journal doesn't just give you a space to write reflections and tick off some meaningless boxes - it gives you the solution to...

Turn reflection into a habit that you automatically ‘do’ regularly rather than dread or waste time figuring out when you have to.

Reflect weekly and monthly with a few quick steps.

HOW to use the information that comes from your reflections to save time with your forward planning and ensure programming is useful.

Record ongoing evidence day by day that will be ready to go for those A&R visits

The difference between reflection and critical reflection and how to use both!

Thanks Jodie, I was getting so stressed about having to do reflection when I'm already writing observations and everything else...using the journal is helping me to see how everything ties together though and it's so much easier to understand now. I actually don't get why no one explained reflection to me this way...even my ed leader loved it when I showed her".

Shannon T - Long Day Care Educator

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Professional Development Planner

Reflect on your strengths and identify goals for improvement. Use the planner on your own or with a mentor or leader to record training opportunities and share information gained with other staff.
Easily show evidence of training hours and learning outcomes achieved.
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Reflection Organiser

Keep your daily and monthly goals all in the one place, refer to the critical reflection prompts to help you get started with regular reflection routines and keep an evidence record of your planning cycle steps!
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Reflection Story Cards

Download these PDF print quality cards then print out and use in your team meetings, mat activities with children or just on your own to help you get started with reflection visually!

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