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Let's Get You Inside The Academy...


GET FULL & Immediate Access to all 4 PILLARS of training, templates, activities & planners PLUS BONUS resource hubs and premium courses when you join me inside today!

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The Academy For Empowered Educators provides you with timesaving, all in the one place online access... anytime you decide to login.

And it’s right there on your ‘My Learning Network’ page together with your Planning & Programs Made Simple Course, Design, Setup & Plan For Outdoor Learning Course and AI Empowered Educators Hub so it couldn’t be easier to get in, find what you need, then start using it immediately to make your day or week easier.

You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips to make your work as an early childhood professional more enjoyable and a whole lot easier.

This professional development portal not only GIVES YOU THE TOOLS & TRAINING… it also SHOWS YOU HOW to use them with visual examples and step by step strategies.

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You'll uncover easier options and timesaver methods to record and evaluate meaningful child observations.

Find an activity linked to learning outcomes in our extensive activity guides library.

Meet training quotas with ease when you watch workshops & quick strategy videos on demand.

Get more time to setup your learning environments and activities because you'll no longer need to catch up on paperwork constantly..

Choose a planning or communication template to edit and personalise to your specific needs.

How Can I Make Planning, Documentation & Day To Day Practice Even Easier For You?

By giving you access to the following BONUS RESOURCE HUBS + 2 PREMIUM COURSES as part of your Academy For Empowered Educators ANNUAL membership when you join us today!

Together with the 4 Pillar Resource Libraries and your Member Mentorship Map you will be feeling more confident, inspired and valued right from your very first day...

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New AI Workshop + Resource Toolkit Added Every Month...

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If you’re ready for all that and more, then The Academy For Empowered Educators was created for YOU!

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*The Annual Academy membership tier is an annual recurring subscription that gives members continued access to all resources and training as new professional development is added each month, you can cancel at anytime before your next subscription payment is due and will receive 2 reminders before your next annual instalment so there are no surprises!*



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